Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director
Laurent Ardoint

HOMEPAGE - Version Française

Welcome to my website

I wrote and directed many short movies and one feature film. You can find all the details on this website.
I wrote many screenplays for which I am looking for bold producers.

You will notice on this website the frequent presence of my usual partner in crime, Stephane Duprat, cowriter, codirector, actor and musician.

I hope that you will have a good time on this website.



2020 - UNE AFFAIRE CONFINEE (A Case During Confinement)
- LE TUEUR DU LAC MAUDIT (The Killer in Cursed Water)
2019 - COPIE COMIQUE (Comic Copy)
2017 - LUNE DE MIEL DANS L’OUEST (Honeymoon in the West)
- NUMERO SPECIAL (Special Number)
2014 - UNE BONNE AFFAIRE (A splendid affair)
2013 - AMOUR ET COMMANDO (Love and Commando)
2012 - QUI A TUE CENDRILLON ? (Who killed Cinderella ?)
- FOOT (Foot)
2009 - LE TOUR DU MONDE EN VELIB (Around the world on a bike)
2007 - J’IGNORAIS (I didn’t know)
1998 - SAMEDI SOIR A PARIS (Saturday Night in Paris)
1994 - ANDRE BASTON CONTRE LE PROFESSEUR DIZIAK (Andre Baston Vs Professor Diziak)
1993 - A LA POURSUITE DU BARGOUGNAN (Searching for the Bargougnan)
1992 - ANDRE BASTON (André Baston)
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