Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director
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Welcome to my website

I wrote and directed many short movies, one feature film and a series. You can find all the details on this website and maybe watch some of them.

You will notice on this website the frequent presence of my usual partner in crime, Stephane Duprat, cowriter, codirector, actor and musician.

I hope that you will have a good time on this website.



2022 - PRIVE (8 episodes) (Private)
2020 - UNE AFFAIRE CONFINEE (A Case During Confinement)
- LE TUEUR DU LAC MAUDIT (The Killer in Cursed Water)
2019 - COPIE COMIQUE (Comic Copy)
2017 - LUNE DE MIEL DANS L’OUEST (Honeymoon in the West)
- NUMERO SPECIAL (Special Number)
2014 - UNE BONNE AFFAIRE (A splendid affair)
2013 - AMOUR ET COMMANDO (Love and Commando)
2012 - QUI A TUE CENDRILLON ? (Who killed Cinderella ?)
- FOOT (Foot)
2009 - LE TOUR DU MONDE EN VELIB (Around the world on a bike)
2007 - J’IGNORAIS (I didn’t know)
1998 - SAMEDI SOIR A PARIS (Saturday Night in Paris)
1994 - ANDRE BASTON CONTRE LE PROFESSEUR DIZIAK (Andre Baston Vs Professor Diziak)
1993 - A LA POURSUITE DU BARGOUGNAN (Searching for the Bargougnan)
1992 - ANDRE BASTON (André Baston)
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