Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director

LOVE AND COMMANDO - Version Française

The movie

Love and Commando Title

Original title
Amour et Commando
13 minutes - 2013 - Full HD
Musical war movie

Original french version
Subtitles available in english


September 1944. After a dangerous mission, Lieutenant Steve Douglas goes to the infirmary, where he meets a lovely nurse, Nathalie. They fall in love. But it’s difficult for Steve to reconcile his duty of being a soldier and his love life.


In 1995, just after « André Baston Vs Professor Diziak », we wanted to make a war movie. We wrote a script, but it was too long and too complicated. 10 years after, at the time where Stephane was playing his One Man Show, he created a sketch based on this screenplay with 3 changes : Simplify, give more importance at the love story and make a musical. « Love and Commando » is the adaptation of this sketch. The soundtrack comes largely from the sketch.


Writers and Directors Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Sound Mixer Paul BLANCHARD
Cinematography Laurent ARDOINT
Makeup Artist Coralie BONNET
Visual Effects Julien CRUAU
Editing Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Stéphane DUPRAT


Steve Stéphane DUPRAT
Colonel Sanders Marc LIAMBO
Obermayor Gilles LEBOURGEOIS
Hans Aurélien MEUNIER


  • AUDACITY AWARD Festival du Film Artisanal et Audacieux (France)
  • BRUTAL DE BRONZE Festival Cinemabrut (France)
  • BEST DIALOGUE Festival Les Dents de la Poule (France)
  • BEST DIRECTORS Festival We Like 'Em Short (USA)
  • LENZING AWARD IN GOLD Festival of Nations (Austria)
  • SPECIAL MENTION Mulhouse Tous Courts (France)
  • GOLDEN AWARD Festival Prototype Video (France)
  • BEST MUSIC SCORE Nickel Independent Film Festival (Canada)
  • JURY PRIZE Cut Cut Festival Roanne (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD & JURY PRIZE Festival de Senlis (France)
  • BEST VOMIT Les Etranges Nuits du Cinema (Switzerland)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival Cinema'Bis (France)

French festivals selections

  • Armoricourt
  • Cinemabrut
  • Ciné Rebelle
  • Besancourt
  • Concours de Courts Toulouse
  • Festival du film artisanal et audacieux
  • Tournez Court Saint Etienne (Out of competition)
  • Festival du film Grolandais
  • Ose Ce Court
  • Cinem'Action
  • Ecran Libre
  • L'ombre d'un court
  • Les Dents de la Poule
  • Mulhouse Tous Courts
  • Prototype Video
  • Festival de La Motte aux Cultures
  • Festival Combat Josselin
  • Séquence Court Métrage Toulouse (Out of competition)
  • Festival du film court d'Angoulême
  • Les Clayes du cinema
  • Cut Cut Festival
  • Festival de Senlis
  • Festival Video de Voreppe
  • Cinema'Bis Lille
  • Cinoche en Shorts

Foreign festivals selections

  • Les Etranges Nuits du Cinéma (Switzerland)
  • Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec (Canada)
  • Festival of Nations (Austria)
  • We Like 'Em Short (USA)
  • Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany)
  • Taos Shortz Film Fest (USA)
  • ClipAward Mannheim (Germany)
  • IFFCA Los Angeles (USA)
  • Hell Yes Fest Film (USA)
  • Frontale Film Festival (Autstria)
  • Sirius Film Festival (UK)
  • Beeston Film Festival (UK)
  • Tally Shorts (USA)
  • Shärt International Comedy Festival (Canada)
  • Short Com (UK)
  • Bare Bones Film & Music Festival (USA)
  • Fifes Festival of Laughter (Croatia)
  • HA ! Fest Comedy Film Festival (USA)
  • Fear No Film at Utah Arts Festival (USA)
  • Nickel Independent Film Festival (Canada)
  • San Francisco Global Movie Fest (USA)
  • Muskoka Independent Film Festival (Canada)
  • Budapest Short Film Festival (Hungary)
  • Ferfilm Festival (Kosovo)
  • BUT Breda Film Festival (Netherlands)
  • Over the Fence Comedy Festival (Australia)
  • Another Independent Film Festival (USA)
  • Nihilist Film Festival (USA)
  • Big As Texas (USA)
  • Studio 35 Comedy Festival (USA)
  • CIM Sueca (Spain)

Others screenings

  • Music Fest at the Peniche Cinéma in Paris
  • Short Night at l'Escurial in Paris
  • Short Night Fest in Altkirch
  • Special Evening at the Kerry Film Festival (UK) with a selection of the best films from Nickel Film Festival
  • First Part of the movie « La folle histoire de Max et Léon » at the cinema in Senlis
  • Special Valentine's Day Screening in Lille organized by Canasucre Productions
  • Special Evening of the best films from « We Like 'Em Short Festival » in Portland Art Museum (USA)
  • 26 Screenings with the Over The Fence Comedy Festival on Tour in Australia
  • Les Propos de Greta in Paris

Love and Commando Love and Commando Love and Commando


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