Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director



The Killer in Cursed Water Poster

Original title
Le Tueur du Lac Maudit
14 minutes 50 - 2020 - 2K
N° Visa 154 820

Original french version
Subtitles available in English, Spanish and German


Cindy and Quentin are spending a romantic week-end by a lake. But a killer is prowling and he could hide a greater threat.


The starting point is to make a parody, or rather a pastiche, of a horror film. But ultimately, it is much more than that...


Writers and Directors Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Cinematography and drone pilot Julien GUERAUD
Assistant Camera Lola GESLIN
Sound & Mixer Nathan SELLAM
Assistant Director Etienne BATOROWA
Gaffer Philippe KATAN
Electricians Julien GRABER and Cédric BATTAH
Make-Up Bettina LUCAS and Audrey GAUBERT
Production Manager Thomas GUILLAUMET
Editing Laurent ARDOINT
Sound Effects Claire ANDRÉ
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Stéphane DUPRAT and Nathan SELLAM
Credits and Poster Jérémie GAUTIER


Cindy Gabrielle CHABOT
Quentin Thomas GRASCOEUR
Marion Marine TOULET 
Marion's friend STELLA
Master of ceremonies Stéphane PAUCHET
Sportsman Stéphane DUPRAT
Killer Bernard DUPUIS
Cédric Nathanael FOUCAULT


  • HIGHEST COMMENDATION London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival (UK)
  • JURY GRAND PRICE CutCut Festival (France)
  • HONORABLE MENTION Night of Comedy Shorts (Italy)
  • SPECIAL MENTION Adbhooture Film Festival (India)
  • BEST DIRECTOR Folkestone Film Festival (UK)
  • BEST SOUNDTRACK Folkestone Film Festival (UK)
  • BEST ACTING Folkestone Film Festival (UK)
  • BEST FILM Folkestone Film Festival (UK)
  • BEST HORROR FILM Argenteuil Film Festival (France)
  • JURY PRICE Der Phantastiche Trashfilm Festival (Germany)
  • BEST FILM Midwest Monster Film Fest (USA)
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for Gabrielle Chabot at the Festival Fêtons Film (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival du Film Court de l'Isle Adam (France)
  • COMEDY SPECIAL MENTION Spookscreen Film Festival (Ireland)
  • BEST FILM West Midlands Nightmare Horror Festival (UK)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Boulogne Horror Show (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival Les Images Vagabondes (France)
  • BEST DIRECTION Scare the Sheet Out Of Us Festival (Ireland)
  • FICTION FIRST PRICE Hellemmes Le Cinéma (France)
  • BEST SHORT FILM B Beside the Seaside Festival (UK)
  • BEST SCREAM B Beside the Seaside Festival (UK)
  • SPECIAL MENTION Horrific Horror International Film Congress (Thailand)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD and JURY PRICE Festival La Pépinière (France)
  • BEST COMEDY Kill Valentine Film Festival (France)
  • BEST HORROR COMEDY Die Laughing Film Festival (USA)
  • FINALIST Boobs & Blood Festival (USA)

French festivals selections

  • Festival en Bref
  • CutCut Festival
  • Hallnaywood Festival
  • Cinoche en Shorts
  • Festival du Film Fantastique de Bourg en Bresse
  • Festival Court et Chelles
  • Cithem Festival
  • Les Sens de l'Art
  • Les Images Vagabondes
  • Hallucinea Film Festival
  • Festival du Film Court de l’Isle-Adam
  • Boulogne Horror Show
  • Festival du film court de Senlis (Out of Competition)
  • Faltazi Festival
  • Fêtons Film à Mulhouse
  • Hellemmes le Cinéma
  • Open Mirabeau Festival
  • La Pépinière Festival
  • Kill Valentine Film Festival
  • Giallo International Film Festival

Foreign festivals selections

  • Apulia Horror Film Festival (Italy)
  • But Film Festival (Netherlands)
  • Girona Film Festival (Spain)
  • Festival du Film Fantastique de Catalogne (Spain)
  • Cortocircuito Savigliano Film Festival (Italy)
  • Anomaly Rochester Genre Film Festival (USA)
  • Apex Film Festival (USA)
  • Trujillo Independent Film Festival (Peru)
  • The Dark Hedges International Horror Film Festival (Northern Ireland)
  • Festival Requiem de Montréal (Canada)
  • FilTa (Austria)
  • Exground Filmfest (Germany)
  • San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain)
  • Boca do Inferno (Brazil)
  • Navidades Sangrientas / Weekend Horror (Spain)
  • Nihilist Film Festival (USA)
  • Crash Fantastic Film Festival (Brazil)
  • Lit Laughs International Comedy Festival (UK)
  • NOX Film Fest à Salto (Uruguay)
  • Beloit Film Festival (USA)
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival - Ramaskrik Horror Selection (Norway)
  • Fixion Fest (Chile)
  • Frostbiter Icelandic Horror Festival (Iceland)
  • Canadian International Comedy Film Festival (Canada)
  • Beeston Film Festival (UK)
  • Gelos Comedy Film Festival (Russia)
  • Cluj Shorts Film Festival (Romania)
  • Festival 2300 Plan 9 « Les Etranges Nuits du Cinéma » (Switzerland)
  • Adbhooture Film Festival (India)
  • Bares Bones Film & Music Festival (USA)
  • FantaSci Short Film Festival (USA)
  • River Film Festival (Italy)
  • Festival of Nations (Austria)
  • We Like 'Em Short (USA)
  • Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Estonia)
  • Redmoon Film Competition (Argentina)
  • TashortFest (Spain)
  • Macabro Mexico City Festival (Mexico)
  • Der Phantastische Trashfilm (Germany)
  • Fear No Film at Utah Arts Festival (USA)
  • Bizarrya Short Film Festival (Portugal)
  • Folkestone International Film Festival (UK)
  • Dalmatia Film Festival (Croatia)
  • Spookscreen Film Festival (Ireland)
  • Midwest Monster Fest (USA)
  • Parapacurts (Spain)
  • Midwest Horror Fest (USA)
  • Abertoir Horror Festival (Wales)
  • Tacoma Film Festival (USA)
  • West Midlands Nightmare Horror Festival (UK)
  • African International Horror Film Festival (Nigeria)
  • Spooky's Empire International Horror Film Festival (USA)
  • Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival (UK)
  • BaiDeFest (Spain)
  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival (Japan)
  • Festival International du Cinéma Numérique de Cotonou (Benin)
  • Killer Valley Comedy Festival (USA)
  • Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival (Argentina)
  • Dublin International Comedy Film Festival (Ireland)
  • Scare the Sheet Out Of Us Festival (Ireland)
  • Pulcinella FilmFest (Italy)
  • Filmfest Bremen (Germany)
  • Horrorant Film Festival (Greece)
  • Festival International de Cinema de Humor (Brazil)
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  • Portobello Film Festival (UK)
  • Abruzzo Horror Festival (Italy)
  • Boston Horror Comedy Festival (USA)
  • Horrific Horror International Film Congress (Thailand)
  • Eichsfelder Filmfestival (Germany)
  • Die Laughing Film Festival (USA)
  • Festival Yverdonnois du Court Métrage Francophone de Fiction (Swiss)
  • Southport FilmFest (UK)

The Killer in Cursed Water The Killer in Cursed Water The Killer in Cursed Water


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