Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director

HONEYMOON IN THE WEST - Version Française


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Original title
Lune de Miel dans l'Ouest
14 minutes 15 - 2017 - 2K

Original french version
Subtitles available in English, Italian, Spanish and German


A couple of newlyweds face a trio of outlaws.


This film is born from two different ideas. The first one is my passion for western, who started when I saw Sergio Leone’s movies in my childhood. The second one can’t be revealed here. You have to watch the movie to understand…


Writers and Directors Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Cinematography Julien GUERAUD
Assistant and Lumberjack Benoît BIZARD
Second Assistant Louise ARDOINT
Sound and Mixer Nathan SELLAM
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Pénélope RIVIERE
Costumer Elsa DEPARDIEU
Dresser Marion XARDEL
Horse Trainer Thaïs BONADEI
Visual Effects Benoît MARTINEZ
Editing Laurent ARDOINT
Foley Artist Claire ANDRÉ
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Stéphane DUPRAT
Credits and Poster Jérémie GAUTIER


Lisa Nathalie FRANCESCHI
Mike Bertrand CONSTANT
Doug Stéphane DUPRAT
Poker Laurent ARDOINT
Paul Joël VILLY


  • BEST FOREIGN FILM Wild Bunch Film Festival (USA)
  • SPECIAL MENTION London Comedy Festival (UK)
  • JURY PRICE Lussac Tout Courts (France)
  • FRIENDS AWARDS Festival de Senlis (France)
  • BEST ACTRESS Festival Il Corto in Spiaggia (Italy)
  • JURY GRAND PRICE Festival de Voreppe (France)
  • HUMOR PRICE Hellemmes le Cinema (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Faltazi Festival (France)
  • BEST WESTERN Elderhall Texas Film Festival (USA)

French festivals selections

  • Une Pause en Courts
  • Courts dans la forêt (Out of competition)
  • Festival du film de Vebron
  • Ciné'Rencontres de Prades
  • Des Notes et des Toiles
  • Tournez Court Saint Etienne (Out of competition)
  • Cinem'Action Lure
  • Ecran Libre
  • Court C'est Court
  • Festival du Cinema'Bis de Lille
  • Courts du Grand Ecran
  • Ciné Rebelle
  • Lussac Tout Courts
  • Mulhouse Tous Courts
  • Festival Francophone de Velaux
  • Journée du Court de Gardanne
  • Festival de Senlis
  • Cithem Festival
  • A bout de Courts
  • SMR13 Festival
  • Festival de Voreppe
  • Cinoche en Shorts
  • Hellemmes le Cinéma
  • Faltazi Festival
  • Eldorama
  • Place des Courts

Foreign festivals selections

  • Regalbuto Cinema Festival (Italy)
  • Porto7 Festival (Portugal)
  • Utah Arts Festival (USA)
  • Ichill Manila Film Fest (Philippines)
  • Pachuca Film Fest (Mexico)
  • Catone Film Festival (Italy)
  • Palena Film Festival (Italy)
  • Nida Short Film Festival (Lithuania)
  • Gozo Film Festival (Malta)
  • Arkadia Short Fest (Romania)
  • Ferfilm (Kosovo)
  • Another Independent Film Festival (USA)
  • Festival Cine de Guayaquil (Ecuador)
  • Maipu Cortos Festival de Cine de Humor (Argentina)
  • West Nordic Film Festival (Norway)
  • Wild Bunch Film Festival (USA)
  • Cesate Film Festival (Italy)
  • Shenzhen New Media Festival (China)
  • Cinematico Film Fest (Mexico)
  • Tally Shorts (USA)
  • MIAX (Mexico)
  • Over the Fence (Australia)
  • Beeston (UK)
  • Apex Festival (USA)
  • Clean Shorts Film Festival (USA)
  • Cinematic London (UK)
  • Bare Bones (USA)
  • Around the World in 80 Shorts (Italy)
  • Leiden Film Experience (Netherlands)
  • Pulcinella Festival (Italy)
  • TaShortFest (Spain)
  • Nebrodi Festival (Italy)
  • Dalmatia (Croatia)
  • RIFFA (Canada)
  • Nebrodi Film Festival (Italy)
  • TaShortFest (Spain)
  • Dalmatia Film Festival (Croatia)
  • Hastings Film Fringe (UK)
  • Il Corto in Spiaggia (Italy)
  • Festival Romand d'Yverdon (Switzerland)
  • Sose Festival Yerevan (Armenia)
  • Go West Film Festival (USA)
  • Muskoka Film Festival (Canada)
  • Inshort Festival Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Midwest Action Fest (USA)
  • Link International Film Festival (UK)
  • 307 Film Festival (USA)
  • Corti a Sud (Italy)
  • Elderhall Texas Film Festival (USA)
  • Icelandic Comedy Festival (Iceland)
  • Gelos Comedy Film Festival (Russia)
  • Tucumcari Film Festival (USA)

Others screenings

  • Special Screening at the Phenix Cinema in Montbard
  • Friday Nights Shorts in Bourg en Bresse
  • Shorts Nights at Levrette Cafe in Bordeaux
  • Short Film Fest in Plestin Les Greves
  • Les Propos de Greta in Paris
  • Night of the short movies in Saint Barthélémy d'Anjou

TV screenings

  • Tebeo (France)
  • Tebesud (France)

Honeymoon in the West Honeymoon in the West Honeymoon in the West


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