Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director

A SPLENDID AFFAIR - Version Française

The movie

A Splendid Affair Title

Original title
Une Bonne Affaire
9 minutes 20 - 2014 - 2K
N° Visa 143 811
Film noir

Original french version
Subtitles available in English, Italian, Spanish and German


Roger Martin is a private investigator completely broke. A woman asks him to investigate her husband she suspects to have an affair.


« A splendid affair » is a remake. With Stéphane and Florence, we shot the first version in SVHS in 1991. Stephane is already the detective, Florence is the client, my cousin Natacha is the secretary and I am the husband. This film had a nice career at that time. It was broadcasted on Canal +. But the original film of 1991 has aged a lot. So we did the remake. Since then, we filmed a new version during the confinement, subtly titled « A Case During Confinement » and we have extended the adventures of the detective and his secretary in a series « Private ».


Directors Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Writers Laurent ARDOINT, Stéphane DUPRAT and Florence ROUX
Cinematography Julien GUERAUD
Camera Operator F.X. BOURREAU
Sound and Mixer Nathan SELLAM
Costumes Elsa DEPARDIEU
Set Decorator Marion VIDAL
Editing Laurent ARDOINT
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Stéphane DUPRAT and Rodolphe PERROQUIN


The detective Stéphane DUPRAT
The client Sabine GOLDBERG
The secretary Cécile ELIAS
The husband Renaud CALVET


  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival Les Clayes du Cinema (France)
  • LENZING AWARD Festival of Nations (Austria)
  • BEST COMEDY Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival (Ireland)
  • BEST SHORT SHORT Hamilton Comedy Film Festival (Canada)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival Cinem'action (France)
  • BEST FILM NOIR Desert Rocks Film and Music Event (USA)
  • JURY PRIZE Festival de Voreppe (France)
  • SPECIAL MENTION Courts dans la Vallée (France)
  • BEST SCREENPLAY Festival L'ombre d'un court (France)
  • BEST COMEDY Serata di Cinema indipendente eurepeo (Italy)
  • BEST FOREIGN SHORT Bare Bones Film & Music Festival (USA)
  • BEST COMEDY Apex Film Festival (USA)
  • BEST FOREIGN COMEDY Lionshead Film Festival (USA)
  • BEST FOREIGN FILM Kleinkaap Film Festival (South Africa)
  • JUDGES CHOICE Woodland Film Festival (Australia)
  • FIRST PRIZE Festival DiviPassion (France)
  • BEST COMEDY & BEST FICTION Hellemmes Le Cinema (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival A bout de courts (France)
  • BEST COMEDY Bogart Film Noir Short Competition (USA)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival SMR13 (France)
  • BEST SCREENPLAY & BEST MUSIC Hellfire Film Festival (UK)
  • BEST FILM Meters Film Festival (USA)
  • BEST SCREENPLAY Festival de Senlis (France)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Fernando di Leo Film Festival (Italy)

French festivals selections

  • Festival du film court de l'Isle Adam
  • Tournez Court Saint Etienne (Out of competition)
  • Festival Traversées du pays de Lunel
  • Cinem'Action Lure
  • Ose ce court
  • Ecran Libre
  • Cours Charlie Courts
  • Paradise Film Festival
  • Les Clayes du Cinema
  • Week-end du cinema de Vaux sur Seine
  • Cinema en Liberté Toulon
  • Festival du Film Artisanal et Audacieux
  • Cinemabrut
  • Festival Limoux en Short
  • Festival de Voreppe
  • Festival Courts dans la vallée
  • Maffliers sur Court
  • Côté Courts en val d'Oise
  • L'ombre d'un court
  • Mulhouse Tous Courts
  • Prototype Video
  • Festival du court métrage de Vichy
  • Les Planches et la Toile
  • Festival DiviPassion
  • Fête du court métrage à Loubens Lauragais
  • Hellemmes Le Cinema
  • Les Petits Claps à Metz
  • Les Courts qui déplument
  • Festilama
  • A bout de Courts
  • Festival SMR13
  • Cinema'Bis Lille
  • Les Marius du Court
  • Cut Cut Roanne
  • Festival de Senlis
  • Festival Mirages (Out of competition)

Foreign festivals selections

  • Sapporo Short Film Fest (Japan)
  • Sacramento French Film Festival (USA)
  • Festival International du Court Métrage en Outaouais (Canada)
  • Filmets Badalona (Spain)
  • Landshut Kurz Film Festival (Germany)
  • Tally Shorts (USA)
  • Comedy Cluj International Film Festival (Romania)
  • Festival de court métrage de l'Union européenne d'Ottawa (Canada)
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  • Another Independent Film Festival (USA)
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  • Fernando di Leo Film Festival (Italy)

Others screenings

  • The Shortest Day at cinéma Vox in Rambouillet
  • Disturb Night at la Cantada in Paris
  • Short Movies Evening at l'Escurial in Paris
  • Friday Nights Shorts at the Zoom in Bourg en Bresse
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  • First Part of the film « Men & Chicken » at the cinéma Luminor in Paris in a special night « L'œil de Nova » with Cinemabrut
  • After Work of independent cinema in Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris
  • First Part of Jean-Pierre Mocky's movies at cinéma Desperado in Paris during june 2016
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  • Outside Screening in Reugny
  • Outside Screening in Senlis in the park of the castle

A Splendid Affair A Splendid Affair A Splendid Affair


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