Laurent Ardoint, Writer and Director

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Private Poster

Original title
2022 - 2K
Comedy film noir

Original french version
Subtitles available in English


The private detective Roger Martin and his secretary, Vera, have to solve investigations, despite their differences and their generation gap.


« Private » is a series based on the same characters and the same humor of ours short movies « A Splendid Affair » and « A Case During Confinement ». The first season lasts 55 minutes and is composed of 8 episodes :

Ep1 - A STATE CASE : The President of the Republic hires Roger because he suspects of treason one of his Ministers.
Ep2 - AN EXPRESS CASE : Private detective Roger Martin and his secretary Vera trap a hotel guest.
Ep3 - A CASE FOR MEN : The manager of a sleazy bar hires Roger to follow one of his dancers.
Ep4 - A CASE FOR WOMEN : Roger and Vera assist a dancer.
Ep5 - A FAMILY CASE : Claire, Roger’s ex wife, asks him to look after their children, because she has an important lunch.
Ep6 - AN EXCLUSIVE CASE : Roger spies a couple guilty of adultery.
Ep7 - AN OLD CASE : Roger resumes his first case about a missing kitten.
Ep8 - A PATIENT CASE : Roger spies one of his former secretary after her release from prison.

The first episode

The second episode

The third episode

The fourth episode

The fifth episode

The sixth episode

The seventh episode

The eighth episode


Director Laurent ARDOINT
Writers Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Cinematography Philippe BRELOT
Camera Operator Marie LANDON
Sound and Mixer Nathan SELLAM
Grip Oriane MIGNOT
Make-up Enola MARTIN
Costumer Elsa DEPARDIEU
Unit Manager Thery GUYOT
Apprentice Stage Manager Louise and Marie ARDOINT
Extras Casting Sophie BATTAH
Editing Laurent ARDOINT
Special Effects and Credits Jérémie GAUTIER
Foley Artist Claire ANDRÉ
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Mylène COUBRONNE, Stéphane DUPRAT and Nathan SELLAM


Roger Stéphane DUPRAT
Vera Gabrielle CHABOT
Episode 1
The president Bertrand CONSTANT
The minister Thomas GRASCOEUR
The journalist Nicole DESJARDINS
Episode 2
Mister Blanchard Alex PUTFIN
The president Bertrand CONSTANT
Episode 3
Creepy Tony Alex PHILIP
Ginie Mathylde RIO
Episode 4
Creepy Tony Alex PHILIP
Ginie Mathylde RIO
Episode 5
Claire Caroline MATHIEU
Rita Camille DUPRAT
Sam Marius DUPRAT
The waiter Stéphane PAUCHET
Episode 6
Sophie Eloïse VALLI
The president Bertrand CONSTANT
Episode 7
Roger's father Stéphane DUPRAT
Martine Gabrielle CHABOT
Claire Caroline MATHIEU
Claire as a child Camille DUPRAT
Roger as a child Marius DUPRAT
The Kitten Killer Fred TOLFEY
Episode 8
Mélanie Nathalie FRANCESCHI


  • BEST SERIE French Duck Film Festival (France)
  • HONORABLE MENTION (Sydney Australian Film Festival)
  • BEST DETECTIVE SHORT (Ep 2 - An Express Case) BlueSky Film & Music Festival (Czech Republic)
  • SPECIAL MENTION Dublin International Comedy Festival (Ireland)
  • BEST SERIES OCTOBER 2022 Lulea International Film Festival (Sweden)
  • BEST SERIES Rome Prisma Film Awards (Italy)
  • WEB-SERIES SILVER AWARD Independent StarFilm Fest (Germany)
  • BEST WEB SERIES Milton Keynes International Film Festival (UK)
  • FINALIST Out of the Can International Film Festival (UK)

Festivals selections

  • Ecran Libre (Ep 2 - An Express Case) (France)
  • French Duck Film Festival (France)
  • Sydney Australian Film Festival (Australia)
  • Festival On Court à la Baleine (France)
  • Dublin International Comedy Film Festival (Ireland)
  • BUEIFF Web Series (Argentina)
  • Lulea Film Festival (Sweden)
  • BlueSky Film&Music Festival (Ep 2 - An Express Case) (Czech Republic)
  • Rome Prisma Film Awards (Italy)
  • Willachen Comedy @ Satire Filmprize (Ep 2 - An Express Case) (Austria)
  • Make Me Laugh Festival (Poland)
  • Courts d'un soir (Canada)
  • Bare Bones Film Festival (Ep 2 - An Express Case) (USA)
  • Oblikon Film Festival (France)
  • Festival Die Seriale (Germany)
  • Aaretaler Kurzfilmtage (Switzerland)
  • Panama Series Festival (Panama)
  • P'tits Beurres Festival (Ep 2 - An Express Case) (France)
  • Independent StarFilm Fest (Germany)
  • Bilbao Seriesland Web Festival (Spain)
  • Cinoche en Shorts (Ep 8 - A Patient Case) (France)
  • Milton Keynes International Film Festival (UK)
  • Hellemmes Le Cinéma (France)
  • Out Of The Can International Film Festival (UK)

Privé Privé Privé

Privé Privé Privé

Privé Privé Privé


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