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Laurent Ardoint

BIOGRAPHY - Version Française

My biography

I was born in Langres, Haute Marne, a city that you probably know if you watch the weather forecast in France, since that is where it is often the coldest. The local celebrity is Diderot, which earned him the privilege to give his name to a lot of places. If you help me to become famous, the city will be able to change the streets names.

My desire to make movies is born in my childhood when I saw 2 movies : Star Wars and « The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ».

I wrote my first screenplay when I was 13. It was a silly fantastic comedy, that fortunately I never directed. After that, with a prehistoric video camera, I shot many amateur movies in VHS before to enter in a film school.

There, I met Stephane Duprat and Florence Roux. We decided to put together our laziness and our incompetence. We wrote and directed 3 short movies: « André Baston », « Searching for the Bargougnan » and « André Baston Vs Professor Diziak ».

After trio split up, we embarked with Stéphane in the writing of a feature film "On the trail of Jambalaya", a parody of Indiana Jones. It's a film so difficult to finance that it still does not exist.

For a few years, I produced and directed corporate movies and I worked for CanalWeb, one of the first french WebTV.

After that, I wrote, produced and directed Comedy Show, for Stephane in particular.

You can listen the sketch « Les animaux » here :

During this period, I kept intact my passion for cinema and I hope to direct my first feature film.

It happened on 2012, when I did « Who killed Cinderella? ». The film is available on DVD and VOD with english subtitles. All the details are on the movie page.

Jaquette de Qui a tué Cendrillon ?

Since, with Stephane, we wrote and directed others short movies and we have a lot of projects…

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