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WHO KILLED CINDERELLA ? - Version Française


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Original title
Qui a tué Cendrillon ?
1 hour 12 - 2012 - Full HD

Original french version
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Coralie Bonnet, the young star who triumphed on the screens 3 years ago as Cinderella died this morning in Normandy during the filming of sequel 2.
She fell off the balcony of her room at the 8th floor of the hotel. Was it an accident, suicide or murder? This film will try to give answers to this terrible question. Who killed Cinderella?


This project started as a short footage which Stéphane Duprat and myself wrote over 10 years ago. It related, in a humorous way the desperate attempts of a man wanting to be seen on television. For different reasons, this film was not produced but the story haunted our minds.
In 2005, we were searching an idea to make a feature film with a very small budget. In order to develop this project towards a long footage we found 2 elements. The first make the hero a successful comedian and the second was to construe the plot around a murder investigation. Of course, we also wanted to keep the comedy aspect.


Director Laurent ARDOINT
Writers Laurent ARDOINT and Stéphane DUPRAT
Cinematography Henri-Paul KORCHIA
Sound and Mixer Nathan SELLAM
Sound Mathieu RAGAIN
Makeup Artist Emma FRANCO
Makeup (TV Show) Lauriane LE LEANNEC
Editing Laurent ARDOINT and Henri-Paul KORCHIA
Special Effects Nicolas SPANOUDIS
Colorist Alexandre LELAURE
Music Stéphane DUPRAT


Philippe Delcourt Stéphane DUPRAT
Coralie Bonnet Diane MONTCHARMONT
Captain Gaillot Sabine GOLDBERG
Jean-Luc Couderc BEN
Géraldine Caroline MARTI
Cousin Paul Henri-Paul KORCHIA
Coralie's Father Pierre DERIBLE
Coralie’s Mother Andréa SEGUIN
Christine Pujol Marine SEGALEN
Alfred Leborgne Fred TOLFEY
Xavier Gorneau Laurent SIMONI
Audrey Marine TOULET
David Vauclair Matthieu DROIN
Mister Duchemin Renaud CALVET
Doctor Blanchard Teri TRISOLINI
Willy Pierre MARQUEZ
Anxchorman David GARCIA
Nathalie Aurélia ARCUSI
State Security Policeman Arnaud COSSON
Druggist Anne BUSNEL
Cook Marc LIAMBO
Coralie’s Driver Max VADOR
TVL Journalist Jean-François HUDO
Coralie as a Child Marie ARDOINT
Manon, Coralie’s Fan Louise ARDOINT
Captain’s Fan Julie ARDOINT
Hairdresser Audrey BOCQUIÉ
Customer Gwladys MATONGO


  • BEST FOREIGN FILM Bare Bones Film Festival (USA)
  • RISING STAR AWARD Canada International Film Festival (Canada)

Festivals selections

  • Film Festival (Denmark)
  • Bare Bones Film Festival (USA)
  • Canada International Film Festival (Canada)
  • Festival du Film Artisanal et Audacieux (France)
  • Cinemabrut (France)
  • Phenom Film Fest (USA)
  • No Gloss Film Festival Leeds (UK)
  • Cine Pobre (Mexico)
  • Ferfilm (Kosovo)
  • Portobello Film Festival (UK)


20 000 : Euros, film budget
20 : Days of shooting on a 7 month period
5 : Visited French regions for the shooting (Ile-de-France, Burgundy, Picardy, Champagne-Ardenne, Centre)
35 : Talking roles
4 : Team on the set
21 : Fake magazine covers
67 : Chouquettes eaten

Who killed Cinderella ? Who killed Cinderella ? Who killed Cinderella ?

Who killed Cinderella ? Who killed Cinderella ? Who killed Cinderella ?


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